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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Many insurance companies offer a convenient method of paying your premium by deducting it automatically from your checking account on a monthly basis. We wholeheartedly recommend that you change to this method for the following benefits: 


  • CONVENIENCE - It's one less bill you have to keep track of, one less check to write, and one less trip to the mailbox.

  • PEACE OF MIND & PROTECTION - As long as thereís enough money in your account, you donít have to worry about losing your protection because you forgot to pay, paid too late, or your payment got lost in the mail.  Can you imagine the nightmare of your home being destroyed in a fire or tornado, and being told your insurance was cancelled two days before, because your payment was late?

Billing Questions

If you receive your billing directly from the insurance company, itís best to first call them with billing questions since they sent you the statement.  Their billing department has specialists that will provide quick and accurate answers about your bill.  They can help with things like outstanding balances, date last payment was received, your next due date, where to mail your payment, payment options, and more. 

Listed below are most of the companies we represent along with the phone number of their billing department, and a link to their website for on-line payment and information if available.  Where denoted, some companies accept credit card payments and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payments out of your checking account.  If your company is not listed, please check your billing statement for the phone number, or call our office so we can look it up. 

Remember, if the insurance company billed you directly, payments are due to the insurance company, not to C & G Insurance Agency.  Please send your payments directly to the company.  Donít mail or bring them to our office.

If you receive your billing from C & G Insurance Agency, and have questions, by all means give us a call or email us.  We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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Alternate Methods of Payment

EFT means that the electronic fund transfer option is available.  You just need to sign up for it.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Check by phone means that you can give the company your checking account information over the phone, and they can withdraw the money directly from your account.


Online check is the same as check by phone, except you provide your checking account information on the companyís web site.


Credit card and debit card.   Some companies will let you pay using these cards over the phone or on their website.

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Direct Bill Inquiry Company Contact Information  


Group:  (888) 380-7821

Individual:  (888) 542-3862 



AIG Auto Insurance

Check by phone or credit card

(800) 633-4028



AIG Specialty Workers Compensation

(800) 645-2259


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Group:  (312) 653-4759

Individual:  (800) 538-8833




Check by phone

(877) 276-7607



Century National Insurance Company

(800) 733-0880


Companion Property & Casualty

Check by phone or online check

(800) 845-2724



Continental Western

(877) 385-9114


First Commonwealth

(800) 627-4200



Foremost Insurance Company

Check by phone or credit card

(800) 532-4221



Golden Rule


(800) 985-2870


Guardian Insurance Company of America

(800) 624-4200



Hartford Commercial

Check by phone

(866) 467-8730


Hartford Personal

Check by phone, debit card, or credit card

(800) 624-5578



H & M Premium Finance

Credit card or debit card

(708) 354-0262



Group Insurance

Check by phone or online check

(800) 232-2006



Humana One

Individual Insurance

Check by phone

(800) 458-1354


Infinity Insurance

Check, credit card, or debit card

(800) 782-2040




Check or credit card

(877) 488-7488




EFT, credit card, debit card, check by phone, or online check

(800) 250-2594



Premium Finance Specialists

EFT or online check

(877) 242-0069



Progressive Casualty

EFT, credit card, check by phone, or online check

(800) 999-8781



RLI Insurance Company

(800) 645-2402



EFT, credit card,check by phone, or online check

(877) 566-6001



Travelers Commercial

EFT or check by phone

(800) 252-2268



Travelers Personal

EFT, check by phone, or credit card

(877) 878-2467



Technology Insurance

(877) 528-7878



Group:  (888) 571-9050

Individual: (800) 379-0274



United Healthcare

EFT, check by phone

(888) 842-4571



Unitrin Commercial 

Credit card, debit card, or check by phone

(800) 777-2249x8352



Credit card, check by phone, or check online

(866) 350-7599



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