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Proper protection for you, your family, and the assets you've worked so hard for are the reason our agency exists.  As you can see, we can handle all of your insurance needs, and are thrilled that you’re on this page wanting a quote from us.


Unlike other agencies or online companies, there are two reasons we do not provide “instant” quotes for most types of insurance.  First of all, our customers rely on our knowledge and expertise to coordinate their insurance program.  Everybody has different circumstances, and only a dialog with our clients will bring out their unique protection needs that otherwise would be undiscovered on a simple quote request form.  Without this professional assistance, people find out the hard way that they aren’t covered for a devastating loss.  Insurance is very complicated, and unless you do it for a living, you’re putting everything you have in jeopardy. 


Secondly, many factors such as credit and loss history, can dramatically affect your rates or coverage availability with property and casualty insurance.  With life and health insurance, health problems, height, weight, etc. can affect the price, coverage, and availability.


To get your quote, you need to contact us.  Since we’re going to need the information anyway, if there’s an applicable form on the left, it would be helpful and quicker if you completed and submitted it to us. But, ultimately, as mentioned above, we need to talk.


Having said all that, our individual health insurance quoting service is a partial exception to the above rules.  It is the most thorough, comprehensive, detailed, and informative quoting service we have ever seen for any type of insurance.  It’s a wonderful tool that will give you over 100 different plans and options to look at from the major Illinois health insurance companies.

Although having a huge selection is an advantage, it can make choosing the best plan for you a daunting task.  So, you’ll still need to talk to us, because we can help you sort though this in no time.  Also be aware that as with any proposal, final rates and/or coverage availability are subject to underwriter approval.


Click Here to get an immediate individual (& family) health insurance proposal.



Some Thoughts About Insurance Pricing 


There’s no question that cost is an important consideration when obtaining insurance protection, but sometimes people get so caught up in price that they lose sight of why they’re buying insurance to begin with.  You shouldn’t pay an insurance premium year after year after year, because it’s the best price.  Rather, it should be because it’s the best and most thought out protection you can afford.  You are mistaken if you think every auto or home or business policy is the same.  THEY’RE NOT!


Consider this:

  • Your home or business is the most valuable asset you own.  Why would you choose the cheapest policy you can find to protect them?  If you knew for certain that it would be destroyed by a fire tonight, would you choose the cheapest or the best insurance policy?

  • Again, if you knew for a fact that your home or business was going down tonight, would you buy your insurance from an agent that spent five minutes with you on the phone, or one that took the time to help you analyze your needs, and explain your options?

  • Pretend you’re taking a flight tomorrow to some small lake in Canada.  One airline offers you a roundtrip ticket for $250, but the pilot is ill trained, has no checklist at all, just kicks the tires, counts the wings, and says “Looks fine to me, let’s go.”  The other airline will charge $500 for the ticket, but their pilot is well trained, uses a checklist, and is very thorough in his pre-flight routine.  Which flight would you take? 

  • Do you choose your lawyer, accountant, dentist, doctor, or architect based on price? 

  • Think of the last ten things or services you bought.  Was your decision to buy always based on the cheapest price, or were there other factors such as:  best features and benefits, convenience, best value, most capable consultant or technician, etc.?  You’ll find that price was a factor, but usually not the first or only factor.

Don’t worry, more often than not, we save money for our customers.  It’s just that we place such a high priority on helping you get the proper protection, and we hope that this is your priority as well.


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