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Let’s face it, thinking about or discussing life insurance is not pleasant for obvious reasons.  It’s the only insurance you’ll ever buy knowing without a doubt there will be a claim someday.  You may never have an auto or homeowners claim, but unfortunately the time will come when your family needs to make a life insurance claim. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Call Us NOW

To Discuss Your Life Insurance Protection


10.  It’s a question of when, not if.  Don’t put it off, or it could be too late.


 9.  Get it while you’re healthy.  Otherwise, you could pay dearly for the coverage, or even

      be declined.


   8.  Get it while you’re young.  The longer you wait, the older you get, and the higher

        the premium.


    7.  Save money.  There couldn't be a better time to buy life insurance, because rates have

        continued dropping, and are now  at their lowest level ever.  In fact, rates are now less

        than half of what they were just a dozen years ago.  You could save a bunch of money

        by replacing your current amount of protection.


   6.  Lock the low rates in now.  We don't know when rates will start to increase again. 

        Like most other things, insurance premiums usually go up, not down.


   5.  You could increase your coverage period.  For example, why keep a 20 year policy

        that you bought five years ago, when a new one starts a whole new 20 year period? 

        Better yet, consider a new 30 year policy.  


   4.  You need a policy that you control, if most, or all, of your coverage is provided by

        your employer.  Don't count on that protection always being there, because when you no

        longer have that job, the coverage usually terminates.  You may be offered a conversion

        privilege when you leave, but the premium is usually very high.


   3.  You don’t have enough.  After reading our report "Do You Really Have Enough Life

        Insurance?" you'll realize that you need to increase the amount of security for your loved

        ones.  It's a serious eye-opener.


   2.  Perhaps you, your spouse, key employee, or business partner, have no coverage at



   1.  You provide for your loved ones while alive, and you want to protect them when

        you’re gone.



To Determine How Much Protection Your Family Needs


Click “Do You REALLY Have Enough Life Insurance?”


Whether you’re looking for term or permanent life insurance,

we can find the plan that’s right for you

since we have access to dozens of major insurance companies.



Protecting Your Family Is Quick, Easy, And Affordable

Life Insurance … It’s The Right Thing To Do



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For A Price / Reprice On Your Life Insurance Protection


It Will Only Take A Few Minutes

To Compare The Most Competitive Companies

With Our Online Quoting Service

And Find You The Best Price 


In Fact, Since We Have Access To All The Competitive Companies



Or Click Here To Request Your Life Quote Online

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  • You’re sick and tired of the outrageous cost of health insurance.
  • With 20% - 30% - 40% annual rate increases, your premium doubles every 2-4 years, and there’s no end in sight. 
  • If you’re an employer with a group plan, you’re about to tell your employees they’ll have to chip in (or chip in more) to keep the health plan going.
  • You’re even thinking of dropping the health plan altogether.
  • Worse yet, you don’t even have health insurance, because you can’t afford it.
  • If you’re a business owner without a health plan for your employees, it’s a big problem.  Attracting and keeping good employees is tough, because research shows that 60% of employees rank health insurance as the most important benefit. 

The Solution…New Ideas, New Plans, and Your New Mindset


You can do something about it, but you first have to change your thinking about health insurance.  You really need insurance to protect you from the illnesses and accidents that you can’t afford such as a major car accident, stroke, heart attack, cancer, etc.  These things can amount to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could wipe you out financially.  You shouldn’t be worried about routine medical expenses of $100 here and $200 there.  You should be worried about a problem that could cost you $10,000; $50,000; $100,000; $250,000; $1,000,000 and more. 


Do you buy homeowners insurance because you’re concerned about losing a few shingles in a windstorm, or the whole roof in a tornado?  Do you have auto insurance because you’re worried about getting a cracked windshield, or totaling the car in a crash with a $1 million lawsuit to boot?  Whether it be health, car, home, or any other type of insurance, get a good plan that takes care of the big stuff.  That’s why insurance was created to begin with. 


Consider this: 


  •  80% of Americans visit a doctor two times or less annually.
  •  68% spend only $150 per year on medical care.
  •  31% don’t have any medical expenses at all.
  •  75% don’t even meet an annual $500 deductible.
  •  80% don’t have $1,000 in annual medical expenses.
  •  94% don’t incur $5,000 in annual medical expenses.
  •  97.5% don’t reach $10,000 in annual medical expenses.


So why pay thousands of dollars more in premiums year after year so that you can have a health insurance plan that reimburses you for a few hundred dollars in annual routine health care expenses?  It’s great to have no deductible, only pay $10 at the doctor’s office, and have the insurance company pay 90%-100% of all expenses, but who is really paying for it?  You are with outrageously huge premiums.  Who’s making out on this deal, you or the insurance company?  Take a plan that requires you absorbing a bit more out of pocket expenses, and use the substantial premium savings to pay for those expenses if and when they occur.  It’s your choice.  



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Do You Want More Information?



Whether You Have A Health Insurance Plan

Or You're Looking At A New One

You Better Know The Answers To These Questions

Click Here To Take The "Essential Health Insurance Quiz"



Click Here For "Six Crucial Factors To Consider

When Choosing A Health Insurance Plan"



Click Here For Information On

“How To Save Money On Your Health Insurance”



Click Here For Health Savings Account (HSA) Questions & Answers”




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Individual Or Group Health Quote


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 Provide some basic information,

and within seconds you’ll be emailed a comprehensive proposal

with rates and plans from the big companies like

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Aetna, & Humana.


Or Click Here To Get A Group Health Employee Census Form

Send us the completed census so we can give you a group health quote.

OR if you prefer the convenience of completing it in Excel,

contact us and we’ll email the Excel format to you.

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About Pricing


Some health insurance companies give you two methods of buying their plans:  either directly with them, or through one of their licensed local agents.  It’s important to note that either way, the price is the same.  That said, I think you’ll agree that it is to your advantage to have an independent agent present you with your options, help you apply, and service your account.  An independent agent can show you choices from other insurance companies, and can be your advocate if problems or questions arise.  When you buy directly from an insurance company, is that “800 number” representative going to be there for you months or years later, or be there at all? 



Group Health Insurance


It's no secret that employees value health insurance benefits. Surveys have shown that workers value health insurance coverage second only to monetary compensation. By offering group health insurance benefits to your employees, you may find it easier to hire and retain the best workers for your company.


As a business owner, you may not have health insurance coverage yourself. Perhaps you've considered shopping for an individual health insurance plan for yourself and your family, but by obtaining insurance through your company’s group plan, you may get better rates and benefits than through the individual market.


Additionally, there are various tax incentives available to you and your employees when you participate in a group health insurance plan. For example, businesses can generally deduct 100% of the premiums they pay on qualifying group health plans and, by offering group health insurance as part of a total compensation package, you may be able to reduce payroll taxes. Plus, your employees can pay their portion of the monthly insurance premium with pre-tax dollars. Make sure that you take these incentives into consideration when determining the affordability of a health insurance plan for you and your employees.


We offer a variety of PPO and HMO plans with leading companies like Humana, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.  They offer traditional plans as well as HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) coupled with HDHPs (High Deductible Health Plans).


In addition to health insurance, employers can also add the following benefits to their group plans.

  • Dental
  • Life and AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment)
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Vision

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Do You Want More Information?



Click Here To See “Small Group Health Questions & Answers"




Do You Want A Quote?



Call (630) 985-9700 TODAY To Get Your Group Health Quote


Or Click Here To Get A Group Health Employee Census Form 

Send us the completed census so we can give you a group health quote.

OR if you prefer the convenience of completing it in Excel,

contact us and we’ll email the Excel format to you.

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Individual (& Family) Health Insurance


Long Term Individual Health


Individual health insurance is so named not because it is for only one person, but rather it isn’t an employer provided group health insurance plan.  It is designed for individuals and their dependents.


We offer a variety of PPO plans with leading companies like Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.  They offer traditional plans as well as HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) coupled with HDHPs (High Deductible Health Plans).


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Do You Want A Quote?



Call (630) 985-9700 TODAY To Get Your

Individual / Family Long Term Health Quote


Or Click Here To Get An Immediate Individual / Family Health Quote 

Provide some basic information,

and within seconds you’ll be emailed a comprehensive proposal

with rates and plans from the big companies like

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Aetna, & Humana. 

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Short Term Individual Health


If you're between jobs, waiting for coverage from another health insurance plan to start, laid off, on strike, a recent college graduate or seasonal employee and know that you only need coverage for a specific period of time, short-term health insurance may be a great option for you.


Typically, short-term plans offer coverage up to six months.  If you think you'll need coverage for a longer period of time, you may want to look at a standard, long term health insurance option like our individual and family health insurance plans.


The application process for short-term health insurance is usually simpler than standard, longer-term health insurance. Short-term health insurance plans are designed to protect against unforeseen accidents or illnesses, and typically do not include coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care.


Short-term health insurance plans typically do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. The definition of a pre-existing condition varies by state, but, in general, short-term health insurance policies exclude coverage for conditions that have been diagnosed, treated, or treatment recommended within the previous 2 years (sometimes 5 years or more). It can also mean a condition that manifested itself in such a manner that would cause an ordinarily prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment within the 12 months immediately preceding the date coverage began.  If you have an existing medical condition, you may want to research whether you can extend your current insurance. Employer-sponsored insurance can be extended under a government-regulated option commonly referred to as COBRA or Continuation, which you should seriously consider if you have an existing medical condition.


At the end of your coverage term, most health insurance companies will allow you to re-apply for another short-term plan. These plans do not typically constitute an automatic continuation of your first plan. So, once again, the new policy will not cover any pre-existing conditions.  If a health condition needed treatment during your first short term policy period, that condition will not be covered by the new policy.  Many short-term health insurance plans only allow you to re-apply once.


Continuation Of Benefits (or lack of it) is a major issue with Short Term policies, and this feature should be carefully compared when looking at different plans.  Let’s say you have a terrible car accident that lands you in the hospital with major bills.  The Short Term policy should do a nice job handling the major expenses involved, but what if your policy period ends while you’re still in the hospital?  What if your policy period ends, and you still need continuing treatment (more surgery, rehab, etc.)?


With many short term policies, coverage ends when the policy period ends. Period!  


It's most important to consider plans that provide a good "continuation of benefits" clause.



Call (630) 985-9700 TODAY To Get Your

Individual Short Term Health Quote

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Medicare Supplement (Medigap)


Medicare is the basic federal health insurance plan Americans 65 and over (and some younger for disability Medicare) rely on for the bulk of their health care needs. However, this coverage is limited, as it was never intended to cover all your health care costs.  So even if you’re covered by Medicare, you are still responsible for a large portion of your health care costs.


Medicare Part A pays a portion of your expenses for inpatient hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, and home health care.

Medicare Part B covers a portion of doctors' services, outpatient hospital care, and other medical services such as lab and x-ray, ambulance, durable medical equipment, blood, medical supplies, etc.

Medicare Part D is the optional prescription drug coverage program that allows Medicare eligible persons to add prescription drug coverage for an additional monthly premium.  These plans are available through private health insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare.  All plans must offer at least the minimum standard benefits as set forth by Medicare, but may offer better coverage.

Even with Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, you’re responsible for some out-of-pocket expenses including:


  • Part A Hospital deductible
  • Daily co-payments for the 61st through 90th day of a hospital stay
  • Even higher daily co-payments for the 91st day and after of a hospital stay while using your 60 lifetime reserve days
  • 100% of hospital charges after your 60 lifetime reserve days are used up
  • Daily co-payments for care in a skilled nursing facility from the 21st through 100th day
  • 100% of charges for care in a skilled nursing facility from the 101st day and after
  • Part B deductible
  • 20% of Medicare approved Part B amounts
  • 100% of Part B excess charges (above Medicare approved amounts)

Medicare supplement insurance or Medigap is offered by private insurance companies, and is designed to fill in the gaps for hospital (Part A) and medical expenses (Part B) that Medicare does not pay.  Medicare Supplement policies come in 9 standardized plans. The plans are referred to by letter (Plan A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, L) and vary in both price and coverage.  There used to be Plans H, I, & J, but they’ve been discontinued for new policyholders.  This system makes it very easy to compare policies, because every plan must carry the same coverage, no matter who is selling it.  Plan F from one insurer offers identical coverage to Plan F from another insurer, Plan A from one is equal to A from another, and so forth. Not every plan is offered in every state.


While the benefits must be the same, each company’s rates, reputation, membership features and quality of service can vary.


We offer Medicare Supplement policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois.



Call (630) 985-9700 TODAY To Get Your Medicare Supplement Quote


We Will Help You Decide Which Plan Is Best For You

And Help You Apply


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