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Insurance Company Claims Phone Numbers



Nowadays, insurance companies prefer (actually insist) that customers call them directly with a claim, and most have set up convenient 24/7 claim centers.  This is definitely good for all concerned because:

  • The company gets the information quickly and accurately from the customer the first time.  No time is wasted chasing you for more information.
  • You are immediately assigned a claim number and claims adjuster.   
  • You will be told what will happen next and when. 
  • You can get answers to all your questions straight from the ďhorseís mouth.Ē

Where does C & G come in?  We certainly want to help you, and when possible (see below), weíd like you to call our office before you report your claim directly to the insurance company.  Our risk managers can advise you on the ramifications of filing your claim, and explain how the claims process works, eliminating the frustrations, which usually arise from the unknown.  As your claim is being processed, we want to hear from you if there are questions or problems.  Again, we are here to help you. 


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Vehicle Claims 

If your auto accident involves other people (driver or passenger in the other vehicle(s), passengers in your car, pedestrians, or cycle riders) or substantial damage to property (your vehicle, another vehicle, building, etc.) immediately contact your insurance companyís Claim Center directly.  Whenever there is even a remote possibility of an injury (either now or surfacing weeks or months later), you must report it to your company right away.  Someone may not seem hurt at the accident scene, but that can change days or weeks later.  Statistics show that the sooner a claim is reported, the sooner it is settled, and for less money.


If you donít report an incident to your insurance company, or donít report it for a long period of time, they could decline the claim leaving you on your own.  Thatís because you didnít give your company the opportunity to nip a huge lawsuit or payment in the bud, before it got out of hand.


If no other person is involved and property damage is minor, call us first.  If you damage a neighborís mailbox, or dent a parked car (with nobody in it), or your car has damage from a hit and run in a parking lot, maybe youíre better off eating it instead of reporting it to your insurance company.  Since thereís no other person involved, you donít have to worry about paying your neighbor for the mailbox, and not reporting it to your insurance company, just to see the mailboxís condition suddenly take a turn for the worse months later, and you get slapped with a lawsuit. If you donít report it to the company, the mailbox incident canít come back and haunt you months later.


Although you certainly have the right to make a claim for $1, it may not be a good idea to submit a claim for under $1,000.  It may not be fair, but when insurance companies perform renewal review for customers, they look at the number and/or frequency of incidents, and not just the amount paid out.  They may cancel an account that sent them three $500 claims in a three year period, but keep the client whose only loss in twenty years was a big one like a $500,000 once in a lifetime lawsuit.  Insurance was originally designed for helping people with the financial losses that they canít afford, and not for the small losses.  You wonít like eating a $500 claim, but you could do it.  It wonít kill you.  What will break you is that $500,000 disaster.


If you talk to us first, we can discuss with you the pros and cons of submitting your claim.  Maybe the claim could be the straw that broke the camelís back, and cause cancellation of your policy.


Getting cancelled is no treat, because it becomes harder, and certainly more expensive, to get insurance with another company.   Maybe that $500 claim could result in not only losing your loss free discount that took years to obtain, but a surcharge to boot.  When all is said and done, that $500 claim could cost you far more in increased premiums over the next three years.


If you still make the claim, at least you know we did our job and advised you up front what the possible ramifications could be.


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Other Liability Claims 


As stated above, always immediately report it directly to the insurance company when it involves injury or possible injury to a person whether it be a dog bite, or a slip and fall at your home or business. 


Contact us first if it just involves minor property damage such as your child breaking the neighborís window, or one of your employees damaging the television while working in a customerís home.  Weíll discuss with you the merits of making that kind of claim.  Weíll ask if you even want to tell your insurance company.


 Property Claims


For losses to property such as your home, personal belongings, commercial building, business contents, tools, equipment, etc., the same applies.  Absolutely contact the insurance company immediately if you suffer major damage from a fire, or a huge tree branch is now in your living room, or your roof just got blown off.


Call us first if the wind blew off a square or two of shingles on your roof, or vandals broke some windows at your business, or some of your tools were stolen at a job site.  Weíre going to ask you what the probable value of the claim is, and ask if you really want to make that claim.  I donít buy insurance on my home, because Iím worried about losing $1,000 of shingles on my roof in a storm.  Iím worried about losing the whole roof, or worse, the whole house.


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Workers Compensation Claims


All workers compensation claims need to be submitted immediately and directly to the insurance company.  Again, donít mess around with injuries.  Get this to the company ASAP!


 Health Claims


Health claims are always submitted directly to the insurance company.  In fact, theyíre usually submitted for you by the doctor or hospital.  Health claims are different from property and casualty claims.  If you submit health claims, it could affect the size of your annual rate increase, but you canít get cancelled for sending in health claims like you can with property and casualty claims.  As a result, there really are no strategies that we can discuss with you.  Of course, if you have questions about your health claim, call us, and weíll try to help.  Just know that weíre limited by privacy laws under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act).  Although weíre your agency, the insurance company will not discuss your health claim with us without your signing an authorization form.


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Tips For Filing Auto, Property, & Liability Claims 


Take whatever steps are necessary to prevent further loss.  Unfortunately, you canít just get something fixed, and send the bill to the insurance company.  The company will usually want to see the damage for itself.  Yet, your policy states that if you do not protect the property from further loss or damage, that it may not pay for the damage at all.  In most cases, if the claim is covered, you will also be reimbursed for this extra expense.  For example, if a pipe is leaking, try to shut off the water supply to that pipe, and call a plumber immediately.  If your roof is leaking, call a roofer right away so he can put a tarp over it or make temporary repairs.  If a window is broken, cover the opening with plastic.    These simple common sense steps can save thousands of dollars of additional damage, not to mention inconvenience.


Take pictures of the damage or accident scene whenever possible.  Whether it is an auto accident, fire, burglary, storm damage or other loss, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Pictures show your insurance company exactly what happened, and should help the claim move smoother and quicker.  It helps your cause with your company, as well as any lawyers that may come after you later.


A digital camera is best since you can email the photos quickly and easily to the insurance adjuster.  If you donít have a digital camera, standard film is fine.  We recommend that you carry a disposable camera in the glove box of your car.  If you have an accident, use up the whole roll of film.  Take pictures of all vehicles involved from different angles.  Take a photo of the entire accident scene from different angles.  Take pictures of the people involved.


There should be a word of caution about disposable cameras.  You should probably replace it at least once yearly.  Being in a car all year itís subjected to intense heat and cold, both of which will deteriorate the cameraís film and battery.  Instead of throwing out the old camera, you can always take some fun pictures with it.


For more tips, especially with auto accidents, click here:  Claims Dos and Don'ts


Remember, C & G is here to help you.  We'll stay in touch during the claim process, but if you have questions, need help, aren't satisfied, or just want to talk about it, call us.  Don't stew over it, call us.  That's why you bought insurance with C & G.  We want to help you.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read our PDF documents.  Most computers today come with this feature.  If you can't open the documents, click on the image to the left, and download Adobe Reader for free.

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 Insurance Company Claims Phone Numbers 


NOTE:  If you canít find your companyís phone number here, either look on your ID card, look at the papers that came with your policy, or call us.


Group PPO:  (888) 802-3862

Group HMO:  (888) 702-3862

Individual:  (866) 565-1236



Affirmative Insurance Company/

Gallant Insurance Company

Ph: (800) 255-4687

Fax: (708) 233-7664


AIG / 21st Century Insurance

Ph: (888) 244-6163



AIG Specialty Workers Compensation

Ph: (877) 399-6442

Fax: (866) 739-6981

Email:  westernwcnewloss@aig.com



American Access Casualty Company

Ph: (630) 645-7755

Fax: (630) 645-7796


American Freedom Insurance Company

Ph: (847) 758-9300  Option 3

Fax: (847) 758-9685


American Heartland Insurance

Ph:    (800) 736-2442  Option 1

Fax:  (847) 583-9001


American Service Insurance

Ph: (847) 472-6700  Option 1

Fax: (847) 228-3920


Apollo Casualty Company

Ph: (847) 635-5600  Option 1

Fax: (847) 635-5601



Ph: (800) 553-7654


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Group PPO Ph: (800) 541-2767

Group PPO Fax: (217) 592-7301

Group HMO Ph: (800) 892-2803

Group HMO Fax: (815) 639-1759

Individual: (800) 538-8833


Century National Insurance Company

Ph: (800)733-1980

Fax: (818)980-4827



Ph: (877) 262-2727

Fax:  (800) 953-7389

Email: lossreport@cnaasap.com


Companion Property & Casualty

Ph: (800) 845-2724  Menu option 2

Fax: (877) 379-7389



Continental Western

Ph: (866) 232-6724     After Business Hours: (800) 235-2942


First Commonwealth

Ph: (866) 494-4542


Foremost Insurance Company

Ph: (800) 527-3907

Fax: (877) 452-3957



Golden Rule

Ph: (800) 657-8205


Guardian Life Insurance Company

Medical: (800)873-4542

Dental: (800) 541-7846

Life & AD&D: (800) 525-4542

Long Term DI: (800) 538-4583

Short Term DI: (800) 268-2525



Hartford Commercial

Ph: (800) 327-3636



Hartford Personal

Ph: (800)243-5860




Group: (800) 558-4444

Individual: (800) 833-6917


Infinity Insurance

Ph: (800) 334-1661  Option 1

Fax: (800) 214-5727


Interstate Bankers Casualty Company

Ph: (773) 693-3930  Option 2

Fax: (773) 693-3278



Ph: (888) 252-2799




Ph: (800) 854-6011


Mt. Vernon Fire Insurance Company

Ph: (610) 688-2535

Fax: (610) 688-4391


Progressive Casualty

Ph: (800) 925-2886 



RLI Insurance Company

Ph: (877) 623-3795

Fax: (866) 551-4016

Email: newclaim@rlicorp.com


Safeco Insurance Company

Ph:   (800) 322-3226



Safeway Insurance Company

Ph: (630) 887-8300

Fax: (630) 887-9886


Starr Technical Risks Agency

Jim Jezewski

Ph: (646) 227-6348

Fax: (212) 599-3061

Email:  Jim.Jezewski@cvstarrco.com


Technology Insurance

Ph: (866) 272-9267

Fax: (877) 669-9140

Email: amtrustclaims@qrm-inc.com


Topa Insurance Company

C/O Meindl Insurance

Ph: (708) 354-9665

Fax: (708) 354-0194


Travelers Commercial

Ph: (800) 238-6225

Fax: (877) 784-5329



Travelers Personal

Ph: (800) 252-4633



Underwriters at Lloydís

Ph: (708) 354-9665

Fax: (708) 354-0194



Group & Individual  Ph:  (877) 785-5765



United Automobile Insurance Company

Ph: (630) 282-1800

Fax: (630) 571-6654


United Equitable Insurance

Ph: (800) 831-8330

Fax: (847) 583-9001


United Healthcare

Ph: (800) 842-8000



Unitrin Commercial

Ph: (888) 291-8298

Fax: (866) 958-0825


Universal Casualty Company

Ph: (847) 700-9100

Fax: (847) 647-2571



Ph: (800) 987-3373

Fax: (877) 962-2567

Email: usz_carecenter@zurichna.com



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